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All-stars are made between gameS

Everyone knows all-star habits are made in the critical off-hours between games and practices, but not everyone has the benefit of a personal trainer. That’s why Spark My Sport’s mission is to connect coaches and players digitally, converting those often-unutilized moments off the court back into vital practice hours. We empower players, parents and coaches to know that drills are being run properly at home, skills are being improved and only good habits are being solidified.



• Record game footage and home practice

Its as simple as point, shoot and share.



• Get Personalized Feedback from coaches

Coaches will mark up and comment on videos to offer personalized, curated feedback on player habits, encourage what’s working and correct areas by assigning drills and trackable training regiments.



• Archive to Track progress:

Because everything’s archived, progress can be easily monitored, ensuring your young athlete has a tangible way of seeing how far they’ve come.