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Spark My Spark is an interactive video coaching App that transforms the way coaches train and athlete practice. You can review practice sessions or games and provide video feedback to your team.

This helps to build your team’s confidence, sense of togetherness and love for their sport. And as their performances grow and improve, so too does your coaching reputation and legacy.

Our Mission
Be the leaders in Broadcasting Games
Limitations to live streaming on Youtube & HUDL

Question: How are you different than HUDL and Youtube.

Answer: Please don’t comparison to HUDL or Youtube it doesn’t make very much sense because our products are pretty different.

1. Youtube makes you have at least 1,000 subscribers before you’re able to live stream to youtube from a mobile device. HUDL streaming and video quality sucks – old school of distributing film.

2. You must be verified before you’re able to stream on Youtube. Hudl need to have a school account.

3. You have to go through the process of enabling your account before you’re able to stream on Youtube. Hudl, coach needs to provide access.

With regard to the selling points for the SMS broadcast system, Its Free for now. Please join our focus group and see how we are partnering our grass root level associations to make it Free.

Utility Viewing Features

o Rewind

o Scrub

o Slow-Motion

o Zoom in/out


o Own Your Videos: The videos are yours and are able to download the 2-minute video increments

o Share the Excitement: Once downloaded to your local device, the videos can easily be shared to any social media platform

o Friends & Family: With the touch of one button, send videos to friends and family via text, email, or any other messaging platform

o Highlights: Effortlessly trim video clips to save and create highlight tapes


Important: All services are available on the Spark my Sport App. Film reels are Shared “PRIVATLY” with the users in a secure manner.

Package Details
Shot Chart Report
Team Comparison Report
Box Score Report
Individual Player Shot Chart Report
Team Video Report – Turnover
Team Video Report – Ball Movement
Team Vide Report – Transition Defence
Individual Player Actions
Individual Player Minutes

Ready to ignite potential and help transform the future of sport?