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Spark my Sport

Powered by our community of coaches, and recruiters to support young student athlete

Spark my Sports is a virtual training app that allows members to connect, share video clips, and receive real-time feedback from coaches.

It’s easy, simple, convenient, affordable, and accessible anytime from anywhere.

Spark my Sport connects young athletes with coaches and trainers for continuous communication and interaction when they are away from gym

  • Parents love us because they can use the app to watch games from anywhere when they can’t travel with their young athletes.
  • Athletes love us because they can review videos of practices and game clips, then work with coaches to correct mistakes while they practice at home.
  • Coaches love us because they can take their coaching business to online platform
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Customer Feedback



Our mission is to motivate every young athlete to pursue their dreams. In that process, we are providing  grass-root level coaches to adopt technology to assist in providing feedback in the development process.  we’re building a sports platform where coaches, players and recruiters can identify that talent, learn and develop skills and take them to the next level.


We discovered three (3) major issues:

  1. Positive coaching.
  2. Feedback between coaches, players and parents.
  3. Encouragement.


  • Provide all the tools needed to record, share and communication with coaches without the hassle of transfer and storage issue.
  • Manage video libraries and analytical tools for coaches to train young athletes on-demand anytime or anytime
  • Providing coaches and recruiters with access to our training dashboard to track progress and showcase game performance


  • Founders – Professional Athlete, Coach, and Technology Steward.
  • Market – Future $B companies in sports science powered by AI, biometrics & heat maps.
  • Product – Built by industry experts and AI/ML technologists.
  • Acquisition – Word of mouth from grass root level coaches. We embed ourselves onto their social media and websites to utilize their networks.
  • Monopoly – Spark my Sport is growing through word of mouth and provides a community for players, parents, coaches, and recruiters to connect and communicate.

About Me


My name is Anand Hebbale, and I grew up on the streets of India playing cricket. On television, I used to watch cricket. I had always admired Kapil Dev and wished to walk in his footsteps as the next Indian superstar. In order to play for the Karnataka state and Capitan my varsity team, I was lucky to receive good coaching and encouragement from my parents and the local community.

Many young athletes I see struggle to obtain the resources they require to achieve their goals. Sparkmysport was intended to help young student athletes improve their talents and exhibit their success by using video clips.

Sports have instilled in me the discipline and character that I require in order to be successful in life. I now work with grassroots coaches, clubs, and organizations to build the sports coaching platform to connect and engage sports community on the Spark my sport platform.

Please contact me if you are willing to assist. –
 – phone: 925-789-0493