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Take Your Sports Program To The Next Level

Spark My Spark is an interactive video coaching platform that transforms the way you coach. It helps you monetize your coaching skills by providing valuable feedback to your athletes and creating high selling training courses.

Become A Coaching Trailblazer

With Spark My Sport, you can become a trailblazer in sports coaching. Spark My Sport helps you connect with your athletes on a human level. So you can get to know each athlete, help them build on their strengths, and address their weaknesses.

You can even connect with leading scouts across the country. Showcasing your athlete’s skills and talents and ensuring they get recruited to the best colleges. Connect with your athletes and get their families involved in their progress as you help build a sense of community around your coaching.

Monetize Your Coaching

Spark My Sport lets you grow your coaching business as you motivate & inspire your athletes through the power of video. You can create engaging training videos that your athletes love and sell them to create a passive income.

You can review practice sessions or games and provide video feedback to your team. Highlighting problem areas and showcasing where they excelled. This helps to build your team’s confidence, sense of togetherness and love for their sport. And as their performances grow and improve, so too does your coaching reputation and legacy.

Building Communities & Transforming the Sport

Your coaches are empowered to make a real difference to their athletes. The athlete’s families love your sports program and feel more involved in their child’s progress. And because you can create your own sports channel, everyone becomes a part of your success.