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Asha THomas

Asha has been around the game of basketball since an early age and doesn’t plan on stepping away any time soon. Her competitive spirit has allowed her to compete on some of the biggest stages, giving her the chance to play with and against some of best women basketball players in the world.

My Bio

Thomas attended Bishop O’Dowd High School and won 3 state championships. After graduating, she committed to and played for the University of California, Berkeley. She was the starting point guard for the Bears all 4 years and lead them to 3 NCAA Tournament appearances. Before ending her collegiate career, she positioned herself in Cal’s record book as the all-time three-point leader, ranked 4th in assists, and 15th in scoring. Asha received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media Studies in 2019.


While in college, Asha had dreams of playing professionally overseas and traveling the world. In her rookie season, she played for the Sheffield Hatters in England. However, the season was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, she established herself as one of the top scorers & facilitators and was awarded a member of the Team of the Year, which consist of the best 5 players in the British league.

During the pandemic, Asha took a season off from overseas and decided to try out her interest in coaching, particularly in skill development. She got to experience the life of a skills trainer at Unlimited Potential Basketball under NBA skill developer Packie Turner. While being at UPB, she was able to assist and organize monthly camps, and lead group & private sessions age ranging from K-12 and even including adults.

Asha got the opportunity to play overseas again in Europe and is currently playing in Germany for the Eigner Angels.

Level THe Playing Field

Spark My Sport

Spark my Sport is an online sports coaching platform that lets coaches train young athletes remotely and provide virtual feedback. In addition, it helps the sporting community to support and celebrates the success of the young athletes.

Young athletes and parents who use our app have access to personalized, round-the-clock training from professional coaches, all at the touch of a button. Video recordings of games and practices can be shared between coach, player, and parent in real-time, allowing for annotation and isolation of areas in need of improvement. These recordings also serve as a basis for assigning drills and at-home exercises, as well as a metric for visible improvement a young athlete can track over time.


Level the playing field using technical tools to grow and shine

Our Advantages:

  • Founding Team – Professional athletes, pro players, coaches, and technology steward.
  • Market – Future $B companies would be in sports science powered by AI, biometric and head maps.
  • Product – Build by professional athletes, pro-coaches, and technologists and data scientists.
  • Acquisition – Word of mouth from grass root level coaches.
  • Monopoly- Spark My Sport will grow by network effects for sporting communities to connect, communicate, collebrate and celebrate.

Where we are:

  • Initial Capital Invested
  • The prototype was successfully field-tested in August 2021
  • Launch on Apple Store earned 600+ organic users with zero advertisements.
  • The Grassroots campaign led to the acquisition of users and long-term relationships with all-star coaches in the Bay Area.
  • Positive feedback from parents, coaches, and players. Numerous 5-star ratings on iOS App Store.
  • Market fit confirmed with reasonable price point coaches and parents are willing to pay.
  • Basketball-specific and available to users in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Where We’re Going

  • Aggressive targeting of three (3) focused markets:
  • High School Coaches and Athletes
  • Private Sports Clubs and Universities (All Divisions/Levels)
  • Professional Coaches and Players

Expansion of our team:

  • Further, develop AI and proprietary video review technology integrations.
  • Grow to encompass all other sports.
  • Provide availability in all 50 states, then attack the global market.

Further application of our product and beyond:

  • Focus to other sports, Physical therapy, medical and rehabilitation spaces.
  • Any other field where real-time instruction and annotation surrounding a recorded video would be helpful.


  • Seeking $500,000 seed Investment to build the Coaching platform
  • Target close by: Dec 31, 2021
  • $100,000 committed

So we can:

  • Acquire 5,000 unique users and 500 coaches
  • Expand to additional markets to prove the validity of the business model
  • Scale team, infrastructure, and app community