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Anthony Eggleton, Hallfame Coach -Strength and Conditioning coach
Basketball Strength and Conditioning
1. Weighted Dips (Rep 5 X Set 5)
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Balance your weight forward, keeping your gaze fixed ahead. Gradually descend, aiming to align with the ground’s parallel plane. Now, rise up while maintaining an upright posture throughout.

2. DD Jefferson Squat ( Rep 10 X Set 5)
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Take a step forward, focusing on keeping your upper body perfectly upright. Lower yourself as much as possible without making contact with the ground, resisting the pull of gravity. Ascend gradually and pause briefly.

3. Pull Up to LE fly (Rep 8 X Set 5)

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Engage your muscles to lift yourself upwards, aiming to bring your torso vertical in the air. Once you achieve this, maintain your position, breathe in deeply, and hold. Transition from the floor to a quadruped stance, and smoothly execute the flying motion. Descend with control, engaging your deep muscles throughout the movement.

4. Supine DB A.B PUllover (Rep 10 X Set 4)

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With a dumbbell in hand, position it over your upper body. Lower your hips to create a gentle stretch, then slowly return to your initial position while maintaining a straight alignment. Bring the weight back over your chest, keeping your form steady to focus stress on your thighs. Take deep breaths to expand your rib cage, promoting flexibility in the cartilage, and opening up your chest.

5. S.L Calf Hop M.B Over work Leg (Rep 3 X Set 5)

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Perform a single-leg calf exercise by maintaining a straight leg, allowing your calf muscles to primarily power your upward movement. Balance on one leg, keeping it straight, and rely on your calf muscle to propel you upward.